Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Bird is the Word

This weekend I attended yet another vintage market, this time at one of my favourite little hangs. 
My friends Di and Michael had set up a stall at The Bird's swapmeet event and as per usual, I was there to provide moral support. The Bird is easily one of the coolest places to chillax and have a drink, with it's exposed brick walls, mismatched couches and chairs and dingy yet cosy interior... making it the greatest place to hold a mid day swapmeet/sausage sizzle/beer.

I had so much fun suitcase sitting, playing dress ups and meeting new people, I forgot that we were there to sell! In all fairness, I think most stall holders were having too much fun doing the same

Oh, and I had to share a photo of my dear friend Di from the markets - she is one of the most stylish lasses I know. Just look at that dress sense! Her sister Viv is pretty up there too.

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